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Ashraya Old Age Home

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Residence Brief

Ashraya old age home started in 2017-18, R Jyothi is the founder of managing trustee. A team that is selfless and caring and a management that has no hard and fast rules, but goes out of its way to do its best in keeping with the mission and calling of reaching out to people in need with empathy, concern and a love that is unconditional and unmatched. Ashraya old age home follows a process of dialog and education to create awareness and does not believe in or endorse a policy of violent confrontations. Various educational and vocational training programs are taught. Medical camps are set up and workshops conducted on preventing the spread of contagious and communicable diseases. The young impressionable minds are given the right guidance and influence. The prime focus of the institution is to restore dignity and give a new dimension and meaning to the lives it touches.

Residence Details

Residence ID : SL059

Residence Type :
  • Assisted Living
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Memory Care
Availability :
Stay Options :
  • Long-term stay
  • Short-term stay
  • Trial stay


Ambulance Service

24*7 Medical assistance


24 hours Security


Recreational facilities

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