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My Sweet Home

Nashik, Maharashtra

Residence Brief

It feels good to hear someone say, "Take Care" But it feels so much better to hear someone says, "I am here to take care of You!" "My Sweet Home" Old Age Home is for you - *Single persons *Widow and widower Whose children stay in foreign countries or stay far away from home. *Whose family members remain away for many hours due to job or any work. It causes their boredom. *Who want all the facilities under one roof. *Who want company of many friends. *Who want to fulfil their hobbies like reading literature, writing articles, drawing, gardening, to listen music, play on musical instruments, playing various types of indoor and outdoor games etc *Who want to give an opportunity to their art and potential. *Who want to be mentally and physically healthy by doing Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation. *Who want to bear luxurious life. *Who want to be healthy by taking proper diet. *Who want to enjoy happy events in the life. *Who want to discover the mystery of birth and death. *Who want to find Pruthvi Laksh

Residence Details

Residence ID : SL268

Residence Type :
  • Assisted Living
Availability :
  • Lease
Stay Options :
  • Short-term stay
  • Long-term stay


24*7 Medical assistance



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