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Senior Living Solutions is an outcome of a personal journey

Senior Living Solutions is an outcome of a personal journey of the co-founder in devoting herself to taking on the responsibility of caring for a very sick ex-spouse. About six months into managing a patient who had been a stranger for fifteen years, it was about time to help him find a place to rehabilitate and recoup. On the journey to finding ‘the place’ one thing clearly stood out, there was no easy and quick way to filter out or find a solution with satisfactory results.

Senior Living Solutions
Many discussions with friends and family later, other scenarios also emerged. First, finding a safe and convenient place for an aged senior loved one is a challenge, as information is scattered. Second, a growing population of new age seniors, who want to put up their feet after years of hard work and lead a relaxed yet active life. They want to be free of household chores and live a full life without impinging upon their adult children. With this backdrop Senior Living Solutions has been incorporated.The platform will assist families to make well informed choices that match needs for rehabilitation, transitioning to active and assisted living communities.

Our Mission

Improve the quality of living in senior years by presenting the best choices available to them.

Our Vision to be a neutral e-platform helping families find living solutions for their senior loved ones, while upholding family values.

We Take Pride In What We Do

We aim to match you to the best senior living spaces and
communities available.
Mukesh Adhikari

Decision to move into a senior community was tough initially. With the passage of time things normalised and now I feel happy being with like minded friends. Thank You Senior Living!

Rajesh Singh

" was a blessing for our family. They guided us through the maze of senior living options with compassion and integrity, ensuring our dear mother found a nurturing home."

Nihal Kumar

"Finding the right senior living home felt overwhelming until we discovered Their unbiased support and dedication helped us make the best decision for our beloved grandparents."

Sham Dhavan

"We are forever grateful to for their genuine care and expertise in assisting us with finding a loving environment for our cherished father. Their commitment to family values shines through."